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Retravision provides delivery services to the majority of Australia, however, the type of services and the cost will vary dependent on a number of factors

  • Where the stock is coming from (Warehouse).

  • Where you are located.

  • The size of the package(s) being delivered.

In our Retravision delivery service areas

For Larger Items (generally anything > 25kg)

Retravision offers in Home Delivery Services to selected areas within Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

For Smaller Items (generally anything < 25kg)

Retravision partners with a number of courier services. A dynamic delivery quote can be obtained by entering your postcode/suburb on the product page, or in the checkout.

For All Items

For areas that we are unable to service via our in home delivery service, we attempt to provide a courier/post option.

Home Delivery Services

You can obtain pricing and information on available delivery services by entering your postcode/suburb on the product page, or at checkout.

Once your order is placed, our affiliated transport company will make contact with you to arrange a suitable delivery day and time window, while a precise time is not guaranteed, we will provide you with one of the following.

  • A text message/call 30 minutes prior to your delivery.

  • or A tracking link, so you can live-track the progress of your delivery.


If a delivery timeframe is not provided at the time of checkout, the following guidelines apply.

Home Delivery services availability and timeframes vary by state. These are the estimated timeframes* for in-stock Items

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  • Western Australia - 1 to 3 Business Days

  • Victoria - 3 to 7 Business Days

  • New South Wales - 3 to 10 Business Days

  • Queensland - 3 to 7 Business Days

  • South Australia - Limited Availability, times will be quoted at checkout if available

  • Northern Territory - Limited Availability, times will be quoted at checkout if available

  • Tasmania - Limited Availability, times will be quoted at checkout if available

  • ACT - Limited Availability, times will be quoted at checkout if available

*We will continue to update estimations based on an average of our delivery timeframes. Estimations may increase with short notice during peak sale periods, such as Christmas/Boxing Day, Black Friday, End of Financial Year.

Retravision Home Delivery Service

When offered at checkout, the following applies to the selected delivery service

Retravision Bronze Delivery

  • Delivery to the ground floor of the address nominated at checkout.

  • Locating the appliance to the appropriate room where practically possible.

Retravision Silver Delivery

  • Delivery to the address nominated at checkout.

  • Locating the appliance to the appropriate room where practically possible.

  • Unpack and taking away the packaging.

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Retravision Gold Delivery

  • Delivery to the address nominated at checkout.

  • Unpack and taking away the packaging.

  • Locating the appliance to the appropriate room/alcove where practically possible.

  • Taking away and disposal of the appliance that is being replaced.

*In NSW, QLD and VIC, we are unable to detach or attach anything to your plumbing/taps.

** Service does not include connecting/plumbing in water to refrigerators

Direct Delivery

  • Our Brand partners sometimes offer a direct from warehouse delivery service. Direct delivery will become an option at checkout if it's available.

  • The service offering varies and is mentioned in the product description. It can range from a simple drop-off, to a full installation*

Courier Service (TNT Road/Air)

  • Courier services are deliver to door for standard residential deliveries.

  • Signature is required on delivery. Under Social Distancing protocols, your name may be taken/verified verbally to minimise physical contact.

  • If no one is present for the delivery, a calling card will be left. Re-Delivery may incur additional fees, alternatively, your parcel may be sent to the nearest collection point.

  • If one of more of your appliances is heavier than 32kg then it may be delivered on a pallet, in this instance it will be delivered to the edge of your premises not to door. Deliveries of items > 32kg to apartment complexes are to the ground floor only and you may require your own lifting equipment.

Australia Post

  • Packages less than 25kg are often delivered by Australia Post.

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  • Signature is required on delivery. Under Social Distancing protocols, your name may be taken/verified verbally to minimise physical contact.

  • If you are not present for the delivery then a calling card will be left and your item will be available for pickup at the nearest collection point within 1 business day (weekday) of the delivery attempt.

How to prepare for your delivery

  • Make sure someone is home that is authorised to take delivery, we can't deliver unless someone is present.

  • Please make sure you notify our staff of the following prior to delivery - Difficult access, steep driveways, limited parking, Stairs/Elevators, flooring that is polished or has pre-existing damage.

  • Make sure any pets are secured during the delivery, we don't want fluffy escaping.

  • Ensure there is nothing obstructing our service personnel from delivering your appliance. It's a good idea to check/measure doorways for large appliances.

  • For deliveries that include taking away an appliance, ensure it has been emptied of all it's contents and cleaned.

  • For appliances that attach to plumbing. Because in most cases we can't attach new appliances to your plumbing, it is a good idea to disconnect old appliances (if applicable) early and inspect your plumbing for leaks before attaching your new appliance.

  • If you have selected a delivery option where we take-away your old appliance. Please make sure it is disconnected from plumbing, power and can easily be removed from it's recess.

Things we don't include unless stated in the service description

  • Any cabinetry works.

  • Any plumbing works. This includes both disconnection and connection.

  • Modifications to the appliance to allow it to fit in its location.

  • Locating your appliance to anywhere that is inaccessible via a standard freight trolley.

  • Locating your appliance on anywhere above ground floor (accommodations may be able to be made with prior notice).

Damages or Loss

We'd like to be able to say that everything we sell makes it to it's destination without any hiccups, but sometimes, damages and loss can occur during transit.


  • Retravision insures your order for loss or damage of the item(s) while it is in transit to its destination. Once the delivery is signed for, or we have proof of delivery, responsibility for loss or damage that occurs after delivery changes to you.

  • Where possible, please inspect your packaging and product at time of delivery. Please notify the delivery driver and our staff on 1300 173 872 if you are unsatisfied with the condition your order has arrived in. Our team will work with you to find a suitable solution.

  • If you plan to store your order for a period of time before using or installing it, then we advise that you unpack, inspect then repack your item(s) before storing it. As we are unable to cover damages that occur after delivery.

Return Orders

  • We will arrange for the return of any items (subject to our returns policy).

  • If the return is related to an authorised change of mind, cancellation or exchange then we will find the cheapest/safest way to return the product, the cost of return plus any applicable re-stock fee will be on-charged to you.

  • For any other returns (faulty, damaged, authorised warranty return) we will cover the cost of return to our nearest warehouse.


  • Re-Delivery is possible in most cases, charges for re-delivery are capped at the original amount of the delivery. If the original delivery was free, then it is capped at $100. If the delivery was failed due to an issue caused by us or one of our providers then we do not charge for re-delivery.

COVID-19 Protocols

Retravision takes the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously and has implemented the following changes to our delivery process.

All of our staff and contractors are required to follow strict hygiene protocols and will sanitise their equipment and hands before and after every delivery.

Our contractors or staff may ask the following questions prior to entering a property:

  • Have you or anyone else in your household exhibited any cold like symptoms in the last 7 days?

  • Have you or anyone else in your household returned from overseas in the last 14 days?

  • Do you wish for our drivers to leave your parcel in a secure location on your property?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, our delivery staff will not enter your property, and under certain circumstances can leave your items in a secure location on your property, in which case Photographic evidence and GPS tagging will be used to identify that the delivery has been completed.

If our driver is unable to complete a delivery due to any health or security concerns then they will inform you and leave the property. Our staff will then reach out to organise another delivery (if possible) or a full refund.

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Products can sell very quickly, you may find that you look at an item and the next minute it’s gone! Once you’re at checkout we can generally be certain that the item will be available for you (subject to shipping requirements). If you checkout with an item that is order in, one of our representatives will be in touch with you to advise availability.

Last updated 01/23

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