December 2022 Criminology Board Exam: Filing Requirements, Schedule, Deadline - (2023)

The Criminology Board Exam is a standardized test for Filipino citizens who want to become licensed criminologists in the Philippines. Below, we will talk about the requirements, the coverage, the schedule, and the steps you need to take to register for this licensure exam. This license opens a career in law enforcement, government security jobs, and the academe among others.

If you are planning to take the criminology board exam soon, read the step-by-step process below:

Table of Contents:

  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Step 1: Check the Application Date Period
  • Step 2: Prepare for the Online Application
  • Step 3: Create a LERIS Account
  • Step 4: Schedule your Appointment with the PRC Office
  • Step 5: Exam Fee Payment
  • Step 6: Go to the PRC Regional Office on your Schedule

Who can Take the Criminology Board Exam?

Before you can take the Criminology Board Exam, you must first make sure that you are eligible. Check the list below:

Criminology Board Exam Eligibility Requirements:

  • Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Criminology/ Master of Criminology from a PRC-recognized institution
  • At least 18 years old
  • Filipino Citizen
  • A person of good moral character
  • Must not have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude

If you are sure that you are eligible based on the requirements above, proceed to Step 1:

    Step 1: Check the Application Date Period

    Here is a summary of the steps:

    Step 1: Check the Application Date Period

    Step 2: Prepare for the Online Application

    First, you need to know the date of the next exam and the period for application. We try top keep the dates below as accurate as possible. If you missed the last board exam, come back to this page to check the dates for future board exams:

    When is the next Criminology Board Exam?

    Next Exam: December 4, 5 and 6, 2022

    Start of Filing/Application Date: July 4, 2022

    Application Deadline: October 4, 2022

    Step 2: Prepare for the Online Application

    Now that you know the date of application, you need to prepare for the online application. To start the online application, you will need the following:

    • Email Address
    • Mobile Number
    • Digital ID Picture saved in the computer (in jpg format, 2×2 photo with white background, collared attire, less than 6 months old)
    • Scanned Copy or Clear Photo of your Cedula (Community Tax Certificate or CTC)
    • Other Personal Information (Name, Address, School Graduated, Graduation date, etc.)

    If you ahve all of the requirements above, you may proceed to step 3:

    Step 3: Prepare for the Online Application

    1.Go to the LERIS Page (Click Here) to start the online application.

    Note: Please take note that the website is sometimes down due to the high volume of traffic. For best results, please try signing up between 12 midnight to 7 AM

    Please be informed that the previous user accounts from are no longer active. Register a new account at

    2. Fill out the Registration Form, check the Terms and Conditions box and click the “Sign Up Now” button

    December 2022 Criminology Board Exam: Filing Requirements, Schedule, Deadline - (1)

    (Video) Repeater Ka Ba ng PRC LET Exam? This Video is for You!

    If this is not your first time using the LERIS portal, you can sign in using the “Sign In” tab.After typing your email address and password, click the“Sign In” button to start.

    3. Log in to LERIS using the Sign In tab to complete your personal information details and submit the requirements

    You will need the following once your are logged in:

    • Personal information
    • Cedula
    • The photo indicated above

    After logging in, add your personal information:

    December 2022 Criminology Board Exam: Filing Requirements, Schedule, Deadline - (3)

    The Personal Information you need includes:

    • Name (First, Middle and Last)
    • Suffix (Mr, Miss, etc)
    • Gender
    • Single
    • Citizenship
    • Birthdate
    • Birthplace
    • Family Background (Mother’s, Father’s or Spouse’s Name)
    • Employment Status
    • Community Tax Certificate Details (Cedula Number, Place and Date Issued)

    When the information fields are complete, click the “Save Information” button at the bottom of the screen.

    To complete the process, confirm the information you have entered. Check the spelling of your name because this can no longer be changed in the future:

    December 2022 Criminology Board Exam: Filing Requirements, Schedule, Deadline - (4)

    (Video) Oath taking & PRC ID | next step after passing the board Exam |Leris Online account

    Add your Photo

    You will be able to add a photo to your PRC profile on the following page. Make sure that you already have a digital copy of a 2×2 photo with a white background on your PC. You should also be in collared attire in the photo. If you are wearing glasses in the photo, the photo will not be accepted. Those with long hair should also make sure that their ears are visible in the photo.

    December 2022 Criminology Board Exam: Filing Requirements, Schedule, Deadline - (5)

    Sometimes, you may get an error when uploading a photo in the PRC online registration portal (LERIS). Your photo needs to be in the shape of a square to be accepted by the system. You can crop your photo to make it fit the requirements of the system.

    Step 4: Schedule an appointment to the Local PRC Office

    You will be able to schedule an appointment with the PRC Office of your choice through LERIS after you have completed your registration.

    To schedule a visit to your local PRC office, go back to your profile and click on the “Select Transaction” Button. This can be found in the sidebar on the upper right side of the screen:

    December 2022 Criminology Board Exam: Filing Requirements, Schedule, Deadline - (6)

    By clicking on the “Select Transaction” button, you will open a pop-up with multiple tabs. Click on the Examination Tab as seen below:


    December 2022 Criminology Board Exam: Filing Requirements, Schedule, Deadline - (7)

    After filling up the required information, click on the “Proceed” button in the bottom right part of the popup.

    December 2022 Criminology Board Exam: Filing Requirements, Schedule, Deadline - (8)

    Another popup will show wherein you will be able to choose a PRC office location, date of transaction, and your preferred payment method:

    (Video) How to Get E-Oath and Initial Registration Appointment in PRC and the Requirements | MsXugee

    Step 5: Make Payment in your Chosen Payment Method

    After following the instructions above, a reference number will be assigned to your transaction. Take note of this reference number because you will need it when making the payment to your preferred payment option.

    In our case, Land Bank Online Payment was the only available option. Through this payment option, you can pay using your ATM card and GCash. PRC does state that there will be more payment options on the way.

    Regardless of your chosen payment option, you will need to keep a receipt of your payment as proof. Your LERIS will update automatically after a day of two of payment.

    Step 6: Go to the PRC Regional Office on your Schedule


    Criminology Board Exam Requirements For Filing For First Time Test Takers:

    1. Original and Photocopy of Transcript of Records (TOR) from your school with:

    • Special Order (SO)
    • Date of graduation
    • Seal of the school
    • Scanned picture
    • Remarks “For Board Examination Purposes Only” (CHED recognition and permit to operate for graduates of new schools / programs)

    2. Original and Photocopies of Authenticated Birth Certificate (NSO)/ PSA Marriage Contract for female applicants

    3. Receipt of Examination Fee (Paid through your selected payment option Step 5)

    4. Cedula (Photocopy)

    5. PRC Number (From the Information Section of the PRC Office)

    Step 7: Prepare for the Criminology Board Exam

    When you have the Notice of Admission or NOA, you are eligible to take the exam. To prepare for the exam, you must first collect your notes on all the subjects covered by the exam:


    The December 2022 Criminologist board exam covered the following subjects:

    • Criminal Jurisprudence and Procedure 20%
    • Law Enforcement Administration 20%
    • Correctional Administration 15%
    • Criminalistics 20%
    • Criminal Sociology 15%
    • Ethics and Human Relations 10%

    Review Tests for Criminology


    Law Enforcement Administration

    What is the Criminology Board Exam Passing Rate?

    To pass the board exam, the test taker must score an average of 75% with no rating of less than 50% in the subjects enumerated above.

    What to Wear During the Exam?

    To avoid headaches, you should also prepare the things you need in advance. This includes your clothes for the exam date.

    On the day, wear a white collared shirt with black pants and black shoes.

    Regional PRC Offices Contact Information

    If you have concerns and you need help from the local PRC Offices, you may want to call them through these numbers:

    NCR –[emailprotected]
    BAGUIO –[emailprotected]Tel No. (074) 665-4338, 661-9105, 665-4335
    BUTUAN –[emailprotected]
    CAGAYAN DE ORO –[emailprotected]Tel No. (08822) 712-772
    CEBU –[emailprotected]Tel No. (032) 2535330
    DAVAO –[emailprotected]Tel Nos. (082) 234-0007 to 08 (082) 234-0006
    GENERAL SANTOS –[emailprotected]
    ILOILO –[emailprotected]Tel Nos. (033) 3292730, (033) 3292733, (033) 3293705
    LEGAZPI –[emailprotected]Tel No. (052) 4813079
    LUCENA –[emailprotected]Tel No. (042) 3737316
    PAGADIAN –[emailprotected]Tel No. (062) 9250080
    ROSALES PANGASINAN –[emailprotected]Tel No. 09065686215
    SAN FERNANDO –[emailprotected]
    TACLOBAN –[emailprotected]Tel Nos. (053) 3239729, (053) 8322519, (053) 8322520
    TUGUEGARAO –[emailprotected]Tel No. (078) 3040701

    Do You Need Technical Assistance with Your PRC website account?

    If you have technical concerns with the PRC websites including resetting your password, mismatched record edit, and other related concerns, you may email them at:

    (Video) CLE List of Passers (I - P)



    How many times can you take the board exam in Philippines? ›

    Lifetime limit – candidates will be able to take the examination a maximum of six (6) times.

    How do you pass criminology? ›

    Board Exam Tips
    1. Solve sample test paper every day and carefully analyze the mistake.
    2. Make sure you read your all notes or books in Criminology.
    3. Don't compare your performance to your classmates.
    4. Set your body clock according to board exam schedule like solving test paper in the same hours during actual board exam.

    What is the average weighted rating to pass the licensure examination for criminologist? ›

    The bill also provides a new rating system in the licensure examination. It states that to pass the licensure examination for criminologists, a candidate must obtain a weighted average rating of 75 percent with no grade of less than 50 percent in any given subject.

    What is RA 6506 and the New Criminologist act? ›

    6506 or “An Act Creating The Board Of Examinees For Criminologists In The Philippines”, governs the examination, registration and licensure for criminologists; the supervision, control and regulation of the practice of criminology; the development of the professional competence of criminologists through a Continuing ...

    Is 2 months enough for board preparation? ›

    Answer. 2 months are more than enough even one month will do the job for you. Study for neet mainly because that is more important. Board exam doesn't matter much .

    Can you fail every exam and still pass? ›

    Depends on the class. It's definitely possible to pass with a failing grade on tests in certain cases. As others have pointed out, if tests aren't worth a large portion of your final grade, or if the class has a large curve, it is possible.

    What is the passing grade in criminology? ›

    Passing Score

    To pass the Criminology Licensure Examination, an examinee must obtain a weighted average rating of 75% (75%) with no grade lower than 60% (60%) in any given subject.

    Is criminology hard to study? ›

    A Criminology major is challenging because it requires you to know several topics. Criminology focuses on crime, from the reasons people commit crimes to prevention. Additionally, it requires knowledge of the law, the history of crime, social science theories and principles, research methods, and statistical analysis.

    How hard is board exam for criminology? ›

    To pass the Criminology board exam, you'll need to have a general average of at least 75% with no less than 60% in any subtest. If you make the overall cut but fail in a subject, you'll need to retake only that given subtest and get an 80% rating to pass the exam.

    How many times can an examinee retake after failing a board examination? ›

    The deferred examinee shall only be allowed to retake once within two (2) years from the date of the examination, and shall be required to obtain a grade not lower than eighty percent (80%) on the subject, to be considered to have passed the licensure examination.

    How do I know my rating in criminology board exam? ›

    How to verify your PRC rating online?
    1. Go to prc website online verification. You can also check this through services at
    2. Fill up necessary information. In case you're cheking this before the exam your Application number is need here.
    3. Verify.
    4. See your rating.

    Who is the father of criminology? ›

    The father of modern criminology was Cesare Lombroso.

    What is criminology salary? ›

    An entry level sociologist criminology (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of ₱359,777. On the other end, a senior level sociologist criminology (8+ years of experience) earns an average salary of ₱621,295.

    Does criminology have age limit? ›

    Criminology Board Exam Eligibility Requirements: Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Criminology/ Master of Criminology from a PRC-recognized institution. At least 18 years old.

    What is the difference between RA 6506 and RA 11131? ›

    Duterte's Republic Act 11131 (RA), otherwise known as The Philippine Criminology Profession Act 2018, effectively repeals RA 6506, which created the Board of Examiners for criminologists.

    Can I prepare for boards in 1 day? ›

    With discipline and focus, you can still succeed on your exam with only one day to prepare. While it is always best to prepare for a test at least a week in advance, sometimes life gets in the way. There are a few ways to guarantee your best performance on your test with only one day to study.

    Is 1 month enough for boards? ›

    As per the class 12th board exam syllabus, one month-time is indeed less. However, if you are willing to score good marks, you will have to ensure that you don't deviate from your aim for even a single hour now.

    Is 1 month enough for exam? ›

    Yes, of course, it is. Provided you've been regular at studying throughout the year, even 2 weeks are enough to give a shot at final revision. Because it wouldn't take you as much time. You should use this time to make yourself better in terms of your strategies.

    What test score is a fail? ›

    A letter grade of a D is technically considered passing because it not a failure. A D is any percentage between 60-69%, whereas a failure occurs below 60%.

    Is a 70 still passing? ›

    C is anywhere between 70% and 79% D - this is still a passing grade, and it's between 59% and 69% F - this is a failing grade.

    Can you pass a test without studying? ›

    If you have an upcoming exam that you have not studied for, then you might be seriously concerned about passing it. While studying well in advance of an exam is the best strategy for success, you may still be able to pass an exam if you did not study.

    Is a 65 average passing? ›

    What is a passing grade? Many college grading systems consider a D, or 65 percent, to be the lowest passing grade. Note that different schools, programs, or classes may have different cutoff points for what they consider a passing grade.

    What is the lowest passing score? ›

    Grades A–F in the United States

    However, there are some schools that consider a C the lowest passing grade, so the general standard is that anything below a 60% or 70% is failing, depending on the grading scale. In college and universities, a D is considered to be an unsatisfactory passing grade.

    What is 60% graded? ›

    PercentLetter Grade
    67 - 69D+
    63 - 66D
    60 - 62D-
    < 60F
    8 more rows

    Why is criminology so hard? ›

    The work can be frustrating and can cause feelings of guilt if clues are missed and criminals are not apprehended. Criminology is also intellectually tedious because it requires a lot of detailed record keeping and report writing, which can seem unrelated to real-world progress against crime.

    Is criminology more math? ›

    Yes, criminology depends on an understanding of mathematics, especially statistics. It is important for researchers to be able to analyze things such as incarceration rates, economic trends, and other such factors.

    What subjects are best for criminology? ›

    Common subjects to study alongside criminology include: sociology; psychology; social policy; and law. Think carefully about your future career aspirations before making a decision.

    Which board is most difficult? ›

    Ans: ICSE is one of the toughest boards managed by CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination). It is similar to AISSE conducted by CBSE. ICSE has taken in a lot of structures from NCERT.

    How many months do you study in Criminology? ›

    A bachelor's degree in criminology can be completed in four years, with an additional two years typical for completing a master's degree. It can take another three to six years to earn a doctorate for those interested in applied research or teaching at the college level.

    Is Criminology worth studying? ›

    Obtaining a degree in criminology is a great way to improve valuable communication, critical thinking and research skills. A criminology degree gives you a foundation that you can use to pursue many career paths in law enforcement, science or medical fields.

    What happens if you fail board exam? ›

    If you fail one subject, you can make up for it in a compartment test, which is normally held within a few months. You will be declared failed that is if you fail two or more subjects, and you will have to repeat 12th grade.

    What happens if you miss board exam? ›

    They have to repeat the same class again and sit in examinations to be held in the next academic year.

    What to do if you failed all your exams? ›

    If I fail in my exams, what do I do?
    1. Resit an exam. A couple of silly mistakes may drag your mark down. ...
    2. Repeat a year. ...
    3. Enter Clearing. ...
    4. Take a gap year. ...
    5. Consider something different. ...
    6. Feeling a little better?
    10 May 2022

    What is a passing boards score? ›

    The reporting scale ranges from 1 to 300, with 180 designated as the passing score.

    How many days is the result of Criminology exam? ›

    June 2022 Criminologist Licensure Examination Results Released in Twenty-Nine (29) Working Days | Professional Regulation Commission.

    How many points do I need to study Criminology? ›

    The minimum requirements are:

    Achieve 40% in three subjects, one of which is an official language at Home Language level and 30% in three subjects.

    Who is the Holy three of criminology? ›

    In criminology, the positivist perspective was first embraced by the “holy three of criminology”: Cesare Lombroso (1835 – 1909), Raffaelo Garofalo (1852 – 1934), and Enrico Ferri (1856 – 1929), but it was Lombroso's ideas that had the greatest influence.

    Who is mother of criminology? ›

    Cesare Lombroso
    BornEzechia Marco Lombroso6 November 1835 Verona, Lombardy–Venetia
    Died19 October 1909 (aged 73) Turin, Kingdom of Italy
    Known forItalian school of positivist criminology
    9 more rows

    What are the 3 elements of crime? ›

    Proving all of the requisite elements of a crime is necessary in establishing criminal liability. Generally, a crime consists of a guilty mental state, guilty conduct, concurrence, and causation.

    Can you become a lawyer if you study criminology? ›

    Studying this balanced combination of law and criminology means that you have a great choice of career options to choose from. Not only could you continue your studies to become a qualified lawyer, but you can consider careers in politics, journalism, business or criminal investigation and analysis.

    What is the highest paid criminology job? ›

    Here are the highest paying jobs you can get with a criminal justice degree.
    • Lawyers. The Pay: up to $163,000. ...
    • FBI Agents. The Pay: up to $114,000. ...
    • Judges. The Pay: up to $104,000. ...
    • Private Investigators. The Pay: up to $93,000. ...
    • Forensic Psychologists. ...
    • Intelligence Analysts. ...
    • Financial Examiners. ...
    • Criminologists.

    What is the highest salary of criminology? ›

    As per Payscale, the average salary of a Criminologist is INR 3,50,000 LPA. For a Criminal Analyst, the average pay is INR 5,46,921 LPA. Thereafter, a Criminal Defense Lawyer can expect to earn between INR 1,94,000 to INR 30,00,000 LPA in India.

    What do you call a criminology student? ›

    A graduate of BS in Criminology who passed the Criminologist Licensure Examination is called a Criminologist.

    Is criminology a 4 years course? ›

    Bachelor of Science in Criminology

    The BS Criminology program is a four-year course that is geared towards careers in police administration, corrections, scientific crime detection, jail management and penology, fire protection and industrial security.

    What is the minimum age of criminal? ›

    Juvenile Justice: International Law and Children's Rights

    However, the age of criminal responsibility differs widely around the world. In the United States, the minimum age is set at just 6 years (in North Carolina) but most states have set no minimum age at all (Cipriani, 2009).

    What are the 6 subjects of criminology? ›

    The course covers the six areas of concentration, such as Criminal Law and Jurisprudence, Law Enforcement Administration, Forensics/Criminalistics, Crime Detection and Investigation, Sociology of Crimes and Ethics, and Correctional Administration.

    How does the new law RA 11131 affect criminology board exam? ›

    Under RA 11131, a candidate must obtain a weighted average rating of 75 percent with no grade less than 60 percent in any subject to pass the licensure examination for criminologists.

    What is the new law for criminology? ›

    Duterte approved Republic Act No. 11131, or the Philippine Criminology Profession Act of 2018. The new law aims to govern the examination, registration and licensure of criminologists; supervise, control and regulate the practice of criminology; and develop professional competence of criminologists.

    How many times board exam can be given? ›

    How many times compartment exams can be given? As per CBSE, student can appear 3 times for a compartment exam in a continuous session. Students can only appear in those subjects in which he/she got compartment.

    Can board exams be given twice? ›

    You can repeat it if there are not more than 2 or 3 years of gap between 10th and 12th. If there is more gap then you need to give the 10th exam also and then you can appear in the 12th exams. Yes, you Can give your 12th board exams again there is something called Improvement Exam in CBSE.

    Can I repeat 12 after passing? ›

    Yes, you can repeat 12th even if you have passed. It is legal, if you passed in CBSE boards then after 2 years you can repeat 12th with other boards also.

    Can I prepare for my boards in 10 days? ›

    As discussed, you have only 10 days and you cannot study everything in detail now. So, the best thing is to make a study plan that suits you. You have to give more time to subjects like Maths and Physics as compared to English and Social.

    Can I pass board exam in 1 month? ›

    As a youngster, board exams are probably the first challenge you will face among the many other challenges that you will face later in life. But the good part is, You can easily score 90+ even with just one month of preparation. And, you just have enough time to be prepared.

    Can I prepare for board exams in 10 days? ›

    Make sure you give yourself 7-10 days and if you properly study and are focused, you'll be able to successfully get through the test.

    What happens if you fail next 2 exam? ›

    The second part of NEXT (NEXT 2) will be practical based which will check the practical efficacy of student. In case, student fails to crack any of the part, h/she doesn't get a pg seat and license to practice in India.

    Can we study from two different boards? ›

    Can I take the class 12 exam from 2 boards? Yes of course. This isn't illegal. You can appear in cbse board and state board if you want in same year actually examination date of both boards are different .

    Can you give board retest? ›

    In case of the subjects you should give the retest for only the subject you did not pass unless of course you would like to increase your percentile for which you can go for retest of other subjects, totally upto you.

    Can I pass boards without studying? ›

    If you have an upcoming exam that you have not studied for, then you might be seriously concerned about passing it. While studying well in advance of an exam is the best strategy for success, you may still be able to pass an exam if you did not study.

    Is it okay if I fail my exam? ›

    Failing an exam doesn't make you any less intelligent or less capable of achieving success in life than those who got better results. Just think that the failure you had in exams was just another step towards success. Just have the courage and strength to overcome this failure and move on.

    What is passing marks out of 40? ›

    The minimum pass marks out of 40 are 13 marks (33% of 40). So you need to achieve 13 pass marks out of 40. It is mandatory for students to get at least passing marks in CBSE Class 12 and 10 practicals, theory and internal assessment separately.

    What is a good board percentage? ›

    Getting into a prestigious college in India usually requires a high board percentage; if entrance exams are criteria, then a minimum cutoff of 60 or 75 percent is usually put by universities and institutes.

    What is passing 12 called? ›

    The person who have successfully passed his 12th class is called a “High School Graduate”. Hi, In India When someone passed the 12th standard then those are called Higher secondary which is the 12th passed and those who passed the 10th standard are called Matriculation in India.

    Can you repeat 12 different boards? ›

    Yes , you can only appear again in 12 class exam if u surrender your earlier 12 class certification in case of same board exam. Or otherwise you can repeat it in distance mood. How do I get admission in CBSE class 12 after failing in 12th class with the same stream in different schools?


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