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Brisbane training courses offered as site based and classroom-based options, face to face facilitation, distance-learning or elearning; we offer a range of nationally recognised courses and non-accredited courses that you can easily engage at a pace that is right for you.

As a real-world RTO, our RTO courses focus on providing practical hands-on experience and require that every individual participates by providing valuable input into the training process, sharing of experience, expertise and openness to learning in an inventive and encouraging environment.

Nationally recognised RTO training courses conducted by ASTRA Group Services are delivered under RTO #31544 by qualified Trainers and Assessors with extensive industry and sector experience.

From the training team in the office, through to your trainer, the moment you book Brisbane training courses with ASTRA you will have the support and guidance you need. From your learner portal, you can access a wide range of training materials and online awareness-level lessons, and when you book a course you have direct access to your trainer. There is also a Facebook Study Group for additional peer to peer support and group discussion if you want it.

Training Programs

Building and Construction Courses

We offer several building and construction training programs developed by industry professionals that are constantly being updated and improved to meet the changing demands of the industry.

A fast growing career in building and construction, offers endless job opportunities and areas to grow. Our range of building and construction RTO training courses are available in a range of delivery modes, from online, self-paced, workplace based and face to face, all cover theoretical and practice knowledge to give you a hands-on experience and the skills and confidence to succeed.

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Height and Safety Rescue

Our height safety training programs meet industry best-practice requirements to not only undertake nationally recognised training in height safety and rescue operations, but also meets the requirements of AS/NZS1891.1 Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices, and AS/NZS 4488.2 Industrial rope access systems.

Enrol in our Brisbane training courses and take advantage of our specialist height safety training facility that has been designed to incorporate a hands-on and practical-based scenario training environment that simulates actual events and real-world situations to prepare you for work and rescue.

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Mining and Resources

With over 15-years of QLD-mining industry experience, we provide a range of mining-related RTO training courses from Inductions to supervisor training and leadership.

As one of few registered training providers specialising in mining inductions nationwide with programs for online, RPL, refreshers, and renewals, our mining courses will ensure you remain skilled and compliant to start a career or continue your career in the mining industry.

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Workplace Health and Safety

From awareness level courses on obligations of workers and managers, to Cert IV and Diploma level Qualifications, ourWHS coursesgive you the skills and experience to understand legal obligations and implement work health and safety strategies in the workplace.

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High Risk Licences

As an approved provider for High Risk Work Licences in QLD, we offer a range of high risk RTO courses and licences to ensure you are licenced to operate and work.

From asbestos removal, dogging, forklift operations and vehicle loading crane operations, these courses will teach you how to safely operate in high risk environments and give you the high risk work license required to work in a range of industries.

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Online RTO Courses

To keep up with the evolving technology being implemented by workplaces and industry sectors, our Brisbane training courses incorporate a full suite of innovative eLearning programs, from awareness level programs to nationally recognised training courses that align to formal outcomes.

We also understand that you have to juggle work commitments which is why we offer a range of courses as blended learning options, so you can upskill and reskills outside of work hours or as part of your normal work duties. This ensures you have flexible options when it comes to your RTO courses and can retain a healthy work and life balance too.

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We are here to help!

Browse the RTO training courses available at Astra or call (07) 3205 0600 to book now.

Alternatively you can email us at if you’d like to hear more information on any of the courses we offer at Astra.

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Thank you to Trevor and Ben Jones for a great Coal mining Standard 11 course. Would recommend this to anyone requiring these qualifications. Special thanks to Tony as well for the friendly phone manner and greeting.

ChrisStandard 11

20 years of attending inductions in the coal industry it was by far the best, most entertaining and informative induction

Ted Standard 11 RefresherChain of Responsibility

Great training tools for my small business. Not your average online course, these guys went out of their way to make learning relevant and challenge me and my team.


I would like to congratulate you on the very high standard of presentation at last week's ASTRA S123 training workshop

Engineering and Services ManagerS123

I want to emphasize to quality of the course content and the professionalism of the staff at ASTRA training office.The friendly but professional staff were very helpful and had good knowledgeabout the subject to gave me direction through the easy to follow questions and answers.I can definitely recommend the course to companies looking for new ways/ideas in the maze of systems to better the skill set of their employees or just to emphasize the importance of each role player in the chain of events.Thank you and best wishes!

HennieChain of Responsibility

I have recently completed a risk management course through ASTRA and found the training refreshingly practical and of real value. The training methods were particularly hands on under Trevor's experienced coaching, and gave me some valuable insight which I can now apply in my role.

Technical Services ManagerG7

Seb was so passionate about WHS you could not help but be inspired.

PatWHS Training

Recently I have completed my S1,S2 & S3 Supervisor training.I found the course to be excellent with my trainer, in particular, to be of exceptional knowledge. The package itself is very well put together and easy enough for anyone to navigate through and complete. Thanks again for the support.

Jason S123

Attended the two-day tower rescue course.I have done the full course with other providers before over the years, but this company stands out as the best.Excellent trainers and admin, equipment for use is all first-class gear and the practical training area is set up with climbing structures and absorbent rubber matting that make it much easier on the legs.I will be back when my refresher is due.

Course ParticipantTower Rescue

Group training was completed for the Standard 11 Coal Mining Induction. In terms of content - the trainers at Astra Group were specialists! Great knowledge of content and facilitation of the course - thank you, would recommend for this course

JamesStandard 11

Found the qual specific to our business needs. Very easy to follow and understand. The learning material and assessment was not bogged down with irrelevant paper chasing exercises and followed an easy learning pathway recognizing CoR requirements. Awesome and easy to contact assistance that tracked and supported our progress. The online portal responded really good either by computer or ph access. The usual dread of training was replaced with casual flow and at your own pace learning environment. Too easy and quite a cool experience.

WarrenChain of Responsibility

This course has changed my life. I'll never forget the good you guys did for me. Keep doing what you are doing, knowing that you are changing people's life's for the better. My hard work payed of did, some pretty hard jobs to get where I am but in the end it started with your course

JessCert III Landscape Construction

Fully recommend Astra, excellent customer service, friendly & helpfulstaff, amazing back up on my onlineCourse!!...special thanks to Tony Thomas for your instructions and patience!! Awesome Providers!!Cheers!!

WilsonS123 Online

Their [ASTRA] assistance in this process has secured the meeting of our objectives in the delivery of the training program to over 1500 people on site, in a large part due to the highly professional input and project management of your team leader. The training was delivered in a high quality professional manner and met all expectations

HSE Manager

Glenn exceeded expectations for this course. It was very well structured, flowed logically and was very engaging and informative. Glenn was able to provide many real examples throughout the course and was able to give very detailed, through and relevant assessment pieces that were applicable. I hope that Glen continues teaching courses in the future.

Program StudentCert IV Govt Investigations

We are here to help!

Browse the RTO training courses available at Astra or call (07) 3205 0600 to book now.

Alternatively, you can email us at if you’d like to hear more information on any of the courses we offer at Astra.

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